Welcome Office Lesvos began working in Lesvos in 2019. But all of our members have been longer present working in several other projects – regarding first reception of refugees (emergency response) but also and especially in integration projects that work long term based with locals and refugees in Lesvos. We formally founded our non-profit association (AMKE) in 2023.
We believe that building an inclusive community of solidarity and dignity can be the only answer to the so called “refugee crisis”, in other words the response against the misery and the lack of political decisions that are based on human rights for everyone can only exist with local networks fighting against the inhuman.
Currently our team consists of three social support receptionists, one coordinator (legal representative), who deals with administration, finances, communication and coordination and many volunteers and self-organized groups that use our space. We cooperate with many other organizations as well.
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We  cooperate with self organized projects in order to encourage empowering approaches. 

Here is a podcast about our work from our cooperation partner VC Mytilene. 

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mondays to thursdays: 
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Komninaki 20, 81100
Lesbos, Greece